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Plant history

Popov communications equipment plant (JSC “GZAS”) is a large industrial enterprise. It has been working in Russia since 1916. In February 1916 the iron-construction plant “Molot” was evacuated from Riga to Nizhniy Novgorod (former Gorky). And that’s where the history of future Popov communications equipment plant began.

During preparatory work for the construction of Gorky Automobile Plant, the first Soviet Fords and Ford-style cars rolled off the conveyors of the car assembly plant based on the former territory of “Molot” plant. In 1932, the production of buses was launched at the enterprise, and from April 1946 the plant became an independent Gorky Bus Plant, which was the only plant of this type in the country at that time.

A design bureau was launched at the plant, and after some time Popov communications equipment plant was one of the first in the country to work for the state order.

In December 1951, the plant was transformed into an enterprise for the production of radio equipment. The production of aviation means of communication has begun. Reliability and ease of operation made it possible to use them in various aircraft. Since 1956, the plant began to produce air and ground-based radio stations for aviation control.

For contribution to the development of radio engineering direction, the plant's products were awarded medals of VDNH (Exhibition of Economic Achievements) and diplomas of various degrees at international exhibitions. In 1975, for the successful fulfillment of state tasks, by a decree of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR, Gorky communications equipment plant was named after the outstanding inventor of radio Alexander Stepanovich Popov.

Due to the fact that Popov communications equipment plant has been working for the aviation industry for a long time, the requirements for the quality of all manufactured products, which have the necessary quality certificates, are high. The plant has successfully passed the certification according to the international standard ISO-9001.

Today, the company has a wide range of capabilities in the field of production of radio electronic devices. Popov communications equipment plant manufactures, maintains, repairs and upgrades aviation and ground radio stations in the MW and HF ranges with a power from 50 to 400 W, aviation modules of radio communication systems, aircraft intercoms and voice warning equipment. Almost 85 percent of the entire fleet of aircraft in the Russian Federation and CIS countries are equipped with products from Popov communications equipment plant. The plant successfully operates in the auto components market, supplying a number of sensors and other control products to the conveyor of Gorky Automobile Plant. Being a modern diversified industrial enterprise in the present, the plant is successfully developing the market of physiotherapy devices.

Appearing at the plant in 2001-2002, the industry of physiotherapy devices production today is no less strategically important for the enterprise than the others. Employees of the design bureau of Popov communications equipment plant are working on creation of new physiotherapy devices and modernization of those produced.

Physiotherapy today is one of the alternative forms of treatment recognized by official medicine. Many hospitals, polyclinics and sanatoriums have their own physiotherapy rooms equipped with the latest technology.

Physiotherapeutic devices are also widely used in everyday life: now the company produces devices for home use. After all, physiotherapy opens up the possibility of effective and relatively inexpensive treatment without chemicals and pills. Popov communications equipment plant produces physiotherapy devices for home use - the AMnp-01 magnetotherapy apparatus (magnetotherapy device with low-frequency alternating magnetic field) and the OUFK-01 quartz ultraviolet irradiator.

Today, the plant is developing fundamentally new devices using the latest achievements of science. The company directs significant resources to new developments, research and is working to improve its production base.

Politics of Popov communications equipment plant is as follows: “Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of customers with our constantly improving products using the achievements of modern science and technology. We strive to make our physiotherapy devices the best, most perfect and, most importantly, most useful for consumers.”