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Career planning of employees of JSC “Popov communications equipment plant” is carried out on the basis of formation of personnel reserve.

Personnel reserve is a specially formed and trained group of the most promising employees, designed for their upward and horizontal movement.

Tasks of the personnel reserve:

  • Providing the company with management personnel
  • Formation of project teams
  • Increasing of employee’s motivation and loyalty
  • Provision of staff with high development potential

Types of personnel reserve at the enterprise:

  • Top reserve - selected employees to prepare for senior management positions.
  • Management Reserve - employees are selected to prepare for middle management positions.
  • Staff development reserve - employees are selected to prepare for work in new areas (professional horizontal development).

Procedure of formation of personnel reserve:

  • Conducting annual staff assessment
  • Formation of the list of candidates for the personnel reserve on the basis of selection criteria (age, education, seniority, level of competence development, personal qualities).

Based on the results of the enrollment of candidates in the personnel reserve, individual development plans are drawn up, including training in the development of managerial competencies under the module program "Effective Manager".

In addition, every employee has the opportunity to improve his or her qualifications, and the system of enterprise training is continuous.