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During the Great World War II since 1941 to 1945 Popov communications equipment plant (at that time Auto Assembly Plant) has made a great contribution to the victory over the fascist invaders.

Over 50 employees of the enterprise gave their lives for the Great Victory.

In 1942, the number of workers fell from 720 to 440. Women, teenagers and elderly workers replaced them. At the same time, the output increased.

The plant began to produce staff and sanitary buses, aerosleighs. The production of field kitchens in the form of semi-trailers was revived.

«Everything for the front! Everything for the victory!» - this was the slogan under which the factory workers worked at that difficult time.

In memory of the heroic deed of the plant workers on the territory of JSC “GZAS” named after A.S. Popov, there is a monument to the Victorious Soldier with the Eternal Flame and the Avenue of Glory.

The memorial plaque with the names of fallen factory workers was placed on our Avenue of Glory.

Every year, for the celebration of Victory Day, workers together with the trade union committee of JSC “GZAS” hold a flower-laying ceremony at the memorial.

We remember and we are proud!