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AVSK-1U-06 crew intercom system is intended for organizing internal and external communication between subscribers of a unified system of a modernized SPG (self-propelled gun), organizing digital communication channels for the interaction of equipment and object devices both via WCL (wired communication line) and radio channels.


Supply voltage, V 22.5...28.5 inclusive
Power consumtion, W, max 32
Assigned lifetime, years 25

AVSK-1U-06 crew intercom system provides:

  • connection of seven crew members (two of them at a distance of up to 10 m);
  • connection of two channels of R-168-25U-2 radio station for the exchange of voice information via С1-ТЧ interface, for data exchange between data communication equipment through the radio station via С1-ФЛ interface, for controlling the radio station and monitoring its performance via RS-232 interface;
  • simultaneous connection of up to two independent channels of data communication equipment via С1-ФЛ interface;
  • simultaneous independent exchange of information with external subscribers via two wired communication lines and two radio communication channels;
  • possibility of line switching with internal and external subscribers by the commander of the object or the gunner;
  • individual selective two-way telephone communication with sidetone monitoring between the commander of the object (gunner) and external subscribers;
  • access of the driver to external radio communication via С1-ТЧ interface of any of the two channels of the radio station;
  • individual selective two-way telephone communication with sidetone monitoring between the commander (gunner) and crew members of the object;
  • broadcast internal two-way telephone communication with sidetone monitoring between all crew members of the object;
  • possibility of constant listening to the signals of the external radio communication receiver by the commander of the object, regardless of internal telephone communication modes;
  • light indication of calls arriving via radio and two lines with their duplication by a sound signal in the equipment of the selected subscriber;
  • light indication of the conversational state of communication lines;
  • transmission of a call signal to external subscribers via a wired communication line, formation of a control signal for transmitting a frequency signaling to a radio station, as well as control of sending a call signal to the communication channel on the initiative of the commander of the object or the gunner;
  • individual adjustment of the volume level of the signals being listened by each crew member of the object (with the exception of the voice notification module signals);
  • operation in conditions of acoustic noise up to 120 dB;
  • word intelligibility of at least 90%;
  • generating a voice message on a command coming from an onboard electricity supply system, and listening to it by crew members of the object, regardless of the mode of operation of the device;
  • continuous operation for at least 48 hours;
  • connection of two breast switches of projectile loaders via linear turret board;
  • communication channels reservation;
  • technical and organizational compatibility with the object's voice communication system;
  • flexible configuration with the possibility of implementing new functions and modes depending on the composition, functionality and characteristics of the object without changing designs and system solutions.


SPG 2S19 Msta-S, SPG 2S3 Akatsiya, self-propelled mortar 2S4 Tyulpan, SPG 2S7M Malka.