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Power consumption not exceeding 30 VA

Magnetic induction amplitude on the working surface of the device with a sinusoidal current waveform:

  • in position «I» of the magnetic induction switch: (10±2,5) mT;
  • in position «II» of the magnetic induction switch: (30±7,5) mT.
Weight without fixing belts: no more than 0.9 kg
Dimensions: 148 x 114 x 45 mm
Average service life: 8 years

Purpose of the device

Treatment of a wide range of chronic diseases. The device has a therapeutic and restorative effect when exposed to the corresponding body systems.

The use of the device allows you to significantly reduce or completely eliminate the use of drugs, which is very important in treatment of chronic diseases and for people with allergic reactions.

Effective for injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Relieves pain, treats sprains, injuries of bones and joints.

It’s designed specifically for home use. It eliminates the need to visit medical institutions in order to receive physiotherapy, which is especially important for children and debilitated patients, as well as during epidemics.