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Built-in lamp type:


Power consumption:

no more than 400 VA

Effective spectral range:

240-320 nm

Exposure rate in the effective spectral range:

For total exposure to radiation at a distance of 0.5 m:

no more than 2,0 W/m2

For local exposure to radiation at a cut of the tube Ǿ5mm:

no less than 1,6 W/m2

For local exposure to radiation at a cut of the tube Ǿ15mm:

no less than 2,0 W/m2


no more than

260х140х130 mm


no more than 1,0 kg


4 tubes

Purpose of the device

The UV irradiator OUFK-240 with a lamp ofincreased power DRT-240 is designed for local exposure to radiation of adult patients. Device with removable front panel, four tubes included.

Ultraviolet irradiator OUFK-240-1 is effective in the treatment of certain diseases of the ear, throat, nose, as well as furunculosis, acute respiratory infections, various skin diseases, joint diseases, trophic ulcers, etc.

Radiation treatment with a quartz lamp has a positive effect on metabolism, blood circulation, enhances body's resistance to various diseases and infections.

The irradiator can also be successfully used for disinfection of rooms, because in the course of its operation ozone is produced, which is harmful to microbes.

The OUFK-240-1 ultraviolet irradiator with a DRT-240 lamp can be used not only in medical institutions, but also in sanatoriums, health centers or at home.

The OUFK-240-1 irradiator is a continuation of the OUFK quartz irradiator series. Its main difference from the OUFK-01 model is a higher power of the quartz lamp, which makes it possible to increase the intensity of ultraviolet irradiation and extend the life of the lamp.