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Homer Station PAR-9M2-1M is designed to provide long- and short-distance homing of an aircraft equipped with a medium-wave ADF (automatic direction finder) to the area of the landing site from a distance of 150 km at a flight altitude of 1000 m, as well as for simplex communication in MF and VHF/UHF bands. Homer Station is powered by a 27 V direct current source, gasoline generator sets or a 380 V 50 Hz industrial network.

Provides long, within 24 hours, work in the HOMING mode. The deployment time of a Homer Station in summer is 1 hour, in winter – 1 hour 30 minutes. Required platform for deployment – 35x35 m.

Homer Station can operate in the temperature range from minus 40 C° to plus 50 C°, with relative humidity up to 98% at ambient temperature up to 25 C° and atmospheric pressure not lower than 450 mm Hg.

Homer Station can be transported by road, air, rail and water, as well as on its own. The choice of a specific transport base (type of car) for placing a Homer Station on it is at the discretion of the Client.


Frequency band in the HOMING mode, kHz 150,000-1750,000
Frequency band in the RELAY mode, MHz:
- VHF band
- UHF band

Frequency band in the mode of simplex tuningless communication, MHz:
- VHF band
- UHF band

Transport base At the Client's choice


Airfields of various types.