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Airborne digital radio station of VHF and UHF bands is designed to provide aircraft in the simplex mode with searchless and tuningless two-way radiotelephone communication as well as data exchange with the same type of airborne and airfield radio stations and similar radio stations in operation. Provides radiotelephone communication with ground mobile and stationary objects at fixed frequencies in the technical masking mode and without it, and in the pseudo-random frequency hopping mode.

The radio station provides automated control of its performance and standby reception of signals.


Output emission power, W
20 (F1B, F3E, G3E)
30 (A3E)
27 / 30* (FHSS-A)
30 / 75* (FHSS-B)
Emission classes A3E, F3E, G3E, F1B, FHSS-A, FHSS-B
Frequency range, MHz 30,000-107,975 (F1B, F3E, G3E)
118,000-137,975 (A3E)
30,000-107,975 (FHSS-A)
100,000-149,950 (FHSS-B)
Frequency spacing, MHz 25 (F1B, F3E, G3E)
8,33 (A3E)
25 (FHSS-A)
50 (FHSS-B)
Receiver sensitivity, μV, max 2 (А3Е)
Weight, kg 13,5/12,6
Assigned lifetime, years 25


Mi-8 of various modifications