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no less than 1600 m3/h ±10%

Power Consumption:

from power supply no more than 900 VA

Type of UV lamp used

UV low pressure lamp

Noise level:

no more than 43 dB


no more than 500х150х1300 mm


no more than 10 kg

Purpose of the device

SOLAR SUPER POWER recirculator cleans the air and helps to fight colds and viruses. It provides disinfection of the air flow in the process of its forced circulation through the body of the device, inside which the bactericidal lamp is arranged.

Special design of the body and special shape of the ventilation holes eliminate the risk of ultraviolet radiation spreading in the room.

Thus, the recirculator is completely safe and can be used in offices and industrial buildings.

The use of ultraviolet recirculators is recommended by Russian Federal State Agency for Health and Consumer Rights («Rospotrebnadzor») for disinfecting indoor air.