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Launch control center (SKP) is designed to provide control over takeoff and landing of aircraft, as well as to organize the workplace of the flight operations director.


Launch control center is an assemblable two-story container structure from modules and an observation deck.

The launch control center consists of:

  • module No. 1 (control module) - has a panoramic glazing that provides a 360° view of the horizon from workplaces

  • module No. 2 (auxiliary module)

  • module no. 3 (with a generator set)

SKP provides:

  • listening to the operation of non-directional beacons (inner marker-outer marker)

  • emitting of light signals by a signal light gun to turn on (off) airfield landing lights

  • displaying information about runway occupancy and aircraft landing gear extension

  • measurement and display of information on wind parameters and airfield barometric pressure

  • conducting of VHF radio communication with the aircraft in the VHF-UHF bands of main and emergency channels

  • conducting of HF communication with the aircraft

  • conducting of loud-speaking, telephone communication and operational radio communication with the facilities (services) of the airfield

  • recording of radio traffic in air radio networks, telephone and loud-speaking conversations, as well as conversations taking place inside the SKP (microphone "spy")

  • conducting video surveillance and video recording of the takeoff and landing of the aircraft, the workplace of the assistant flight operations director and landing aircraft observer, and the territory adjacent to the SKP

  • continuous remote measurement of the cloudbase height, as well as the assessment of vertical visibility in IFR weather conditions, processing and recording of measurement results.


VHF- radio station (VHF/UHF band)
Frequency band, kHz 30,000…399,975
Emission classes А3E, fixed frequency, F1B, F3Е, J3E, G1B
Emission power (peak), W 90
HF radio station (HF band)
Frequency band, kHz 2,0000...29,9999
Emission classes А1А, F1B, G1B, J2D, J3E, R3E, НЗЕ
Emission power (peak), W 400

Operating temperature, °С -55...+55

Communication range, km up to 4500