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AVSK-1U-08 crew intercom system is intended for organizing internal and external communication between subscribers of a unified system of a modernized SPG (self-propelled gun), organizing communication channels for the interaction of equipment and object devices both via WCL (wired communication line) and radio channels.


Supply voltage, V 22...29 inclusive
Power consumtion, W, max 40
Assigned lifetime, years 25

AVSK-1U-08 crew intercom system provides:

  • connection of seven crew members (two of them at a distance of up to 10 m);
  • connection of two two-wire communication lines with external subscribers with the possibility of full-duplex operation with the voice terminal over a cable of at least 500 m in length, while the product must provide:
  • output voltage of transmit paths over a wired communication line at a load of 600 Ohm – (520 ± 60) mV (minus 3.5 dB / 1 V);
  • output and input impedance of receive and transmit path (600 ± 60) Ohm;
  • call signal voltage from 42 to 80 V, frequency from 16 to 50 Hz;
  • connection of two channels of R-168-25U-2 radio station for the exchange of voice information via С1-TЧ interface (GOST 20855-83, GOST 26532-85), transmission of control signals to the radio station, reception of control signals from the radio station;
  • simultaneous independent exchange of voice information with external subscribers via two wired communication lines and two radio communication channels with the provision of switching of voice and control signals of any external subscriber to one of the 3 internal subscribers connected to commander’s, gunner’s, driver’s consoles and to all internal subscribers in the mode of listening to the external communication line;
  • individual selective two-way telephone communication with sidetone monitoring between the commander of the object or the gunner and external subscribers, as well as the driver's access to external radio communication via the voice frequency interface of any radio station;
  • individual selective two-way telephone communication with sidetone monitoring between the commander of the object or gunner and external subscribers via С1-ТЧ interface (GOST 26532-85) of two two-wire communication lines;
  • internal two-way telephone communication with sidetone monitoring between all crew members of the object;
  • possibility of listening by the commander of the object or the gunner, regardless of the internal telephone communication modes, to the signals of the receiver of the external radio network of voice communication;
  • possibility of listening by crew members to the conversations of commander or gunner with external subscribers;
  • emergency internal two-way telephone communication with sidetone monitoring between all members of the crew;
  • issuance of voice messages (repeated three times) to all intercom subscribers of voice communication when receiving a signal:
  • reception from the PKUZ-1A device of a signal with a duration from 0.3 to 2.0 s, with intervals between the signals from 4 to 8 s, voltage amplitude from 4 to 5 V at a resistive load of 600 Ohm, a frequency of 600 to 1200 Hz;
  • reception of a signal from GO-27 device with a duration from 0.3 to 2.0 s, with intervals between signals from 4 to 20 s, voltage amplitude from 0.13 to 0.23 V at a resistive load of 600 Ohm, frequency from 600 to 1200 Hz;
  • issuance of voice messages to the driver about critical modes of operation of chassis on the signals "Control of main engine generator", "Overheating of the coolant", "High speed of main engine", "Low oil pressure in the main engine", "High oil temperature in the main engine" with the following parameters: voltage in the circuit of the applied signal 24 ± 5 V or 5.6 ± 2 V, maximum load current is not more than 10 mA;
  • transmission, at the initiative of a commander or gunner of the object, a call signal to external subscribers via wired communication lines, formation of a control signal for transmitting a voice-frequency call to the radio station, as well as control of sending a call signal to the communication channel;
  • possibility of transferring the switching control function from the commander’s console to the gunner’s console with preservation of previously formed switchings. When a failed commander’s console is detected, the switching control functionality is transferred to a gunner’s console automatically;
  • preservation of switching when the power is turned off and its restoration when turned on;
  • light indication of calls arriving via radio and wired communication lines with duplication of their sound signal in the commander's headset when controlling switching from a commander’s console or a gunner's headset when controlling switching from a gunner’s console, fixing the call indication over the communication line in other communication modes;
  • light signaling of the current switching state;
  • indication of a faulty state of digital devices included in it (indication of the connection of subscriber consoles) and / or indication of the presence of power in the device;
  • adjustment of a volume level of signals being listened to by each crew member of the object (with the exception of voice notification module signals) with an individual volume control, at least 8 levels of volume control must be implemented to ensure a minimum volume level with signal attenuation by more than 100 times;
  • pairing with the headset TSh-4M;
  • input signal voltage from 0.6 to 0.8 mV;
  • output signal voltage is not more than 6 V at the load (520 ± 100) Ohm;
  • breast switch of the device provides connection of the TSh-4M headset to the "ТЧ" connector of the R-168-25U-2 radio station with the following parameters:
  • input impedance of microphone circuits (600 ± 100) Ohm;
  • possibility of remote control of operating/latch modes of the state of the device through a digital serial interface of RS-232 standard;
  • its working capacity after not more than 10 s following application of power supply to it;
  • presence of intercom system that provides automatic built-in control of the component parts of the object connected to the device;
  • at least 95% of word intelligibility in the path of intercom, wired communication line and radio station when paired with a headset and with acoustic noise in the object up to 120 dB when seven subscribers (headsets) are connected;
  • continuous operation for at least 48 hours;
  • connection of two breast switches of projectile loaders via terminal block of additional subscriber.


SPG 2S19 Msta-S, SPG 2S3 Akatsiya, self-propelled mortar 2S4 Tyulpan, SPG 2S7M Malka.